We believe in making business simpler, faster and safer.

Ceevo is a global payment services provider that empowers businesses to accept almost any type of payment from anywhere in the world.

The “ceevo” brand represents the following entities:
  1. Ceevo Financial Services (Malta) Limited;
  2. the Transact24 Group of companies, in particular Transact24 Limited, Transact 24 (UK) Limited and Transact24 LLC; and
  3. Masterpayment GmbH and its subsidiary companies, namely Summit Payment Services AG and Masterpayment Limited.


Dedicated to keeping you in front.

Ceevo was born out of a simple realisation, that in a world where consumers have more choice and freedom than ever, businesses are struggling to keep up.

Today, the rest of the payments industry offers partial, costly, and immature solutions, adding to businesses’ confusion.

The situation demanded a breakthrough solution that swept away the friction, barriers and technobabble.

Ceevo was born – keeping businesses ahead of changing consumer demands, so they can spend more time doing what they do best.

Money’s changing. Welcome to the evolution.

We’re not a start-up, but innovation is in our DNA.

We believe everyone should benefit from the speed at which money, the global economy and society is changing.

Ceevo stands for the democratisation of global commerce – which we believe is a force for good, for everyone.

Ready To Get In Front?

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